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Leadership Challenge Workshop

We are all are born, but we are not all born leaders. Our Leadership Challenge Workshop will inspire you to become an exemplary leader in all facets of your life. Based on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, you will gain a deep understanding of your capabilities as a leader, increase your confidence and ability to lead more effectively, improve your capability and willingness to provide leadership, inspire your teams to be more engaged and to achieve better results, increase your credibility as a leader, and gain more courage (and commitment) to do things differently.

Building Your Network & Navigating a Room 

Many professionals feel uneasy walking into a room full of strangers. Developing a solid network is a skill that is critical to career success. However, networking can be a struggle for even the most experienced professionals. During this session, attendees will have the opportunity to learn the role attitude plays in networking, discover ways to prepare for networking events, practice techniques to strike up conversations, and learn tips to remember names and break in and out of conversations.

Power of Persuasion & Influence

Every day we are faced with making decisions. This workshop will help you understand the triggers that influence our decision making process. Learn how to build your influence with persuasion techniques you can apply to both personal and business interactions.  You will learn a framework to maximize outcomes in the negotiation process.

The Art of Communication

In our technically driven world, we are dangerously losing the ART of conversation. In order to make deep, meaningful relationships we need to connect as humans and build trust with clients and colleagues.  This workshop will teach you the different communication styles as well as techniques to leverage body language to convey your messages with the highest impact.

Community Engagement with RI Foundation

Jill Pfitzenmayer, Vice President of the Rhode Island Foundation’s Initiative for Nonprofit Excellence, will discuss the Rhode Island nonprofit landscape and the myriad ways emerging leader professionals can play a pivotal role in supporting mission-based work. Specifically, Jill will cover the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit board members and share insights around how to become involved in nonprofit governance. This will be an interactive session with opportunities to dive into current governance issues.

Jim Sanzi, Senior Vice President of Development at Rhode Island Foundation and an attorney, will present on philanthropy in general and charitable planning with clients. Jim will provide an overview of giving vehicles to create maximum charitable impact while supporting the client’s broad financial or estate planning objectives.  He will discuss how advisors can effectively have a conversation about giving with their clients and the importance of that to the client, the community, and for the advisor’s practice. 

Biz Development 101

Are you prepared to grow your business? A networking event, business meeting, or a chance encounter with someone you would like to do business with are all great opportunities to find and acquire new clients. Do you have the tools to make the most out of your efforts? In this workshop, Dr. Stefanie Boyer, Director of the Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition, will introduce you to the selling process, share tools and strategies for uncovering client needs, help you craft a value proposition, and teach you how to ask for new business.

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